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Hello! My name is Taya, I currently reside in Ireland but have been lucky to call many beautiful places home from California to Colorado, New England to New Zealand and most recently from the Pacific North West to Europe. My passions include writing, sharing food, quality time with friends and seeing as much of the world as this life allows. I encounter all of these passions from a place of vulnerability and authenticity. I enjoy conversations about what makes life hard and what makes it worth getting to the other side for over a cup of tea or glass of wine. This is reflected in both my writing and my daily interactions and relationships with others. It is my hope to inspire others through being myself, and it is this authenticity that I can bring to you. 

I graduated with a degree in Anthropology and Media Studies from Mount Holyoke College in May of 2020. I was thrown into adult life amidst the chaos of a pandemic that has shaped the world and all of our places in it, most notably by bringing the world together through shared experience. I have seen and felt this impact in the last year and a half as I talk to people from around the world who have experienced the same losses that we all have to varying degrees. As I work and travel throughout Europe and the UK and explore who I am and what I bring in a global context I have been inspired to share these insights so we may not lose that which connects us.


I strive to have and inspire hope in an often hopeless landscape of loss, climate catastrophe, political chaos and constant access to change. I do this by enjoying in small pleasures, from growing and picking my own produce that I turn into a meal I can share, to starting an open mic that has opened doors for community members to have a creative outlet. I have seen first hand how these seemingly small experiences have a massive impact, by showing that a different way of living is possible, one rooted in care and collaboration.  

I can't wait to create a different world with you, one that puts people and planet at the core of all that is possible. 

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