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Previous and current examples of my work

Farmer's Footprint is an NGO founded by MD Zach Bush. The organizations main focus is to create a space dedicated to regenerative food system practices and the importance of these systems being the new normal going forward for agriculture in order to better the planet and in the process ourselves.

Myself and Tom Robinson worked closely with Tori Immel, the Director of Community at Farmer's Footprint, to create an online workshop focused on community collaboration and action. The event, hosted by myself and Tom, attracted over 40 participants from all over the world that lead to some amazing conversations and connections within multiple disciplines. 


The success of the first workshop lead to a three part series that focused on facilitating support for people to find how their unique abilities and values can be used to create positive change within their own communities and beyond. I saw first hand how creating this space created real connection that has now lead to real change. 

You can find the event details, as well as the first workshop replay here.

Audioculture is an online music archiving website, specific to New Zealand musicians. They aim to provide concise information on music and musicians from all genres and decades that are from New Zealand. This attracts a broad audience in age and demographic, mostly from the Island. 

My work was to update and expand on previous musicians biography pages. This resulted in the publication of a 1000 word article on the Wellington based musician Lord Echo which you can read here

My assignment was to research, expand, and update the portfolio page for Lord Echo. There was a high volume of archived biographies that needed to be updated but a lack of resources and time to prioritize them. I was hired to research and write these updated pages to lessen the backlog. I accumulated updated information for multiple musicians on the platform which had not been touched in several years. The biography on Lord Echo was my final assignment which I spent the last two weeks of my internship researching, writing and editing, in close collaboration with Content Director Chris Bourke. 


Taya's Travels is my personal travel blog which I have updated since I began my UK and Europe travels in May of 2022. It acts as an archive for myself to look back on, and as a way for friends and family to stay up to date on my life abroad. 

I aim to write authentically about my experiences, both the emotional and physical aspects of travel. I have kept detailed notes in my paper journal which I then edit and expand on when writing my blog posts. This allows me to write retrospectively, as I often find new details arise after some time away from the experience. 

I plan to update and improve this blog as my travels and experiences continue to expand, along with my writing voice and style. You can read my current posts here.


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