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I am an experienced workshop facilitator here to help you reach a broader audience and bring your company and customers together in ways you never thought possible. I have extensive experience in workshop conception, project coordination, regenerative food systems, sustainable and budget travel, moving abroad as a solo female traveler and creative writing. The biggest lesson I have gained from these experiences is that people want to feel they have made an impact on the world and that they are not alone in their vision. I can create a platform that inspires your audience to come together to see your vision come to life through collective collaboration. It only takes one small step to create a staircase that leads to a better world and that first step starts with you. 




Graduated May 2020 with a degree in Anthropology and career track in Journalism & Media from Mount Holyoke College


Studied abroad at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand in 2019 where I studied Maori History, Capitalisms effect on Western society and Digital Media

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Project Creation

Co-creator and host of The Black Sheep open mic night


Co-Founder of Regenerative Agriculture Research Group with successful implementation of webinar through the NGO Farmers Footprint


Sustainability Project Manager for waste reduction initiative in Wellington, New Zealand 


Editorial Intern for the online publication AudioCulture


Hospitality and Tourism

Experience living, working and visiting 30+ US and European cities


10 years of customer service experience within the food and hospitality industries 



Unconventional Travel

Since I started traveling (when I was six months old) I have seen the world in unconventional ways, from living in an eco-village in Argentina when I was six months old to exploring the San Juan Mountain Range in Colorado by working at the country's longest zip line after college. I have found the best way to get to know a place is by working and staying with people from the spots you would never normally have heard of. I have travelled Europe through Workaways, a volunteer organization that connects you to the places and experiences that interest you, which has lead me to helping kids make art out of recycled materials to renovating a 15th century chateau in the French countryside. I want to show through example that there is more than one way to explore the world. 


Connection through Culture

The most rewarding part of all my travels is the people I meet along the way. I have met traveling nurses, journalists turned community organizers, engineers turned hostel owners and many just living day to day in whatever way they want as long as they have enough to eat and a place to sleep. It is these people that have inspired my writing to not only share my own experiences but to connect others to show the multitude of ways that living is possible. Let me help you create those connections to be accessible to not only those who travel but to those who wish to see and create the world in a different way. 


Creation through Connection

Since my first solo travel experience when I was sixteen I have co-created and facilitated an array of events and spaces to connect people. This includes project managing a zero waste educational center and store in Wellington New Zealand, co-creating an online workshop focused on bringing people together to collaborate on shared solutions to food injustice in the US and most recently organizing and hosting a monthly open-mic that has brought the local community together in a space that was previous lacking for creatives. It is these experiences that have fueled my passion and purpose to create more spaces for people to gather and collaborate both virtually and in person which I hope to bring to you. 

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